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                             KEY CREW

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Mostafa Keshvari | Writer, Director, Producer


Mostafa is an award-winning Persian/Canadian writer, director, and producer based in Vancouver and a member of DGC, WGC, CMPA, MPPIA, and FCA and alumni of VFS.

Mostafa's films have been awarded 80 wins and nominations at IMDb qualifying film festivals worldwide. His films mainly explore social issues and have been promoted in global media such as The New York Times, Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian, Times of India, CNN, CBC, and BBC. Mostafa was nominated for the " Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award" in 2022 for his artistic contributions. 


Kirk Moses  | Producer

Kirk has been in the film industry for twenty-plus years working as an assistant editor, VFX, and lead picture editor. His first experience with video editing came as a result of his architectural training and designing sets for theater productions. Kirk’s first jobs were commercials and music videos for reggae and soul artist before receiving his first real entertainment assistant opportunity, Panic in the Skies with Kate Jackson and Erik Estrada. Having a background in cinematic storytelling, Kirk found his way into cutting scripted reality television on shows like Bachelor Canada and CabinTruckers.


Ian Nsenga  | Producer

Ian is an African/Canadian producer and a member of CMPA. For over a decade Ian has worked in both the film and music industries of Canada, the US, China, Taiwan, and Europe. His passion for creative arts has helped shape quite a diverse career from acting to writing and running his own production company. Born in Nairobi Kenya with Rwandan roots Iannmoved to Hamilton, Ontario in 1993 and to Vancouver in 2005 to study Film & Communications at Trinity Western University. His work has been featured on Amazon Prime Video and festivals in the USA and Canada.


Stirling Bancroft | Cinematographer


Stirling Bancroft is a graduate of of the film program at the University of British Columbia, Bancroft enjoyed photographing gritty independent projects like She Who Must Burn (2015) with Larry Kent, one of the “original English-Canadian auteurs,”¹ and Cadence (2016) for which director, Alex Lasheras, won an audience award at the Vancouver International Film festival.

Public Schooled (2017), directed by Kyle Rideout, lead a charge of films lensed by Bancroft that screened at TIFF; FREAKS in 2018 with duo Adam Stein and Zach Lipovsky, and Monkey Beach in 2019, directed by Loretta Todd and adapted from the critically studied novel by Eden Robinson.

Commercially Sniper: Assassin’s End (2020) distributed by Sony went on to top the US iTunes download list and placed well on the global top ten list of most streamed films for Netflix.


Alvan Jalali | Composer


Alvand is an Iranian/Canadian Vancouver-based Leo Award wining composer. He is a creative

musical talent, transforming stories into form of music. Practicing songwriting and music theory

combined with deep knowledge in music psychology gives him the advantage to influence listeners

to a deep extent. Alvand has started his professional career by releasing successful and award-winning solo projects for several music competitions. Alvand and Mostafa have collaborated on 5 award-winning films. 


Miles Engel| Production Designer


Miles is a creative force with a bachelor's degree in Art from NYC where he has spent most of his life. Miles's multicultural background has helped him to connect with different people and stories around the globe. His skills in visual art combined with his education in digital art have helped him to master the art of production design. Colorblind story setting takes place  Mile's hometown so the he brought authenticity to a whole new level in the art department. 


John F.Braico  | Executive Producer 

John is an award-winning executive producer &

the president of Matrix Production Servicewith over 25 years of experience in BC film industry. John has collaborated with Mostafa on most of his projects and is passionate about helping diverse filmmakers create meaningful stories with a humanitarian message.  


Darren Bening | Executive Producer 

Darren is an award-winning producer with decades of experience in the BC film industry. His eye for a good story has led him to produce many successful projects such as Nicolas Cage's The Humanity Bureau (2017) and  Bisping (2021). As the president of Eldon Road Pictures, Darren has always pushed the limits of storytelling with original and relevant stories, Colorblind is no exception. 

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